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Info circle What is Cryptoterminal?

Cryptoterminal is a revolutionary device that enables intuitive cryptocurrency exchange. Introduce a ready-to-use terminal to your business, a terminal adapted to trading digital currencies such as bitcoin.

The implementation of the service will allow your company to join the most dynamic branch of the financial market. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is currently estimated at over $600 billion, and over the last 10 years more than 530 million transactions have been made in bitcoin alone.

Be the first to sell and buy bitcoin in your area. Take the chance before others do.

Info circle How does it work?
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Info circle What cryptocurrencies does the terminal support?

The terminal currently supports the most popular cryptocurrency - bitcoin.

Why bitcoin?
  1. Convenience of use
  2. Fast and cheap transfers (including international transfers, 24 hours a day)
  3. Safety of use
  4. Control over your own funds
  5. Lack of possibility to block transactions (even by financial institutions or governments)
  6. Fully legal means of payment in over 100 countries
  7. It has a defense mechanism against inflation
  8. The greatest liquidity
  9. The industry's primary currency pair

Why is it worth it?

A dynamic industry

Over 101 million people in the world buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The market has grown by 189% over the last 2 years. You will grow along with the market or your competition will. What do you choose?


Growing number of bitomats in the world


Growing number of bitcoin transactions

"A very intuitive and easy-to-use device, which makes it easier to run a bitcoin exchange business. I have never encountered such a simple and functional solution!"

"Cryptoterminal allowed us to expand our business with a stationary bitcoin exchange. The device is easy to use and builds a professional image of the exchange office. I sincerely recommend it!"

"This is a perfect solution for any bitcoin enthusiast looking to expand their business without additional complex procedures, costs, or risks."

"Cryptoterminal is a modern and easy-to-use device for buying and selling bitcoin. Thanks to it, you can almost double your daily sales in a stationary exchange office."

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Transparent cooperation and the support of specialists

Cooperation. We guarantee individual support for everyone, as we care about your success!

Law. Our lawyers prepared the exchange office terms of use and the AML procedure worth 10,000 PLN, which you will get in the package with our Cryptoterminal.

Taxes. We will entrust you to Taxo accounting office specialists, who will take care of all tax issues.


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Earn on cryptocurrencies in a quick, easy, and safe way

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